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Vehicle transport | USA to the UAE

Sample workflow: car shipping from the USA to Dubai [United Arab Emirates]

In this section we will explain in understandable non-expert language how a transport for a private or commercial car from the United States to the United Arab Emirates will be executed. However the same procedure applies for any motorcycle or boat transport from the USA to Dubai. For further information please also see our FAQ listing.

Car transport | USA - DUBAI

Everything starts with your order which you can place conveniently by using our booking form which is attached to any of our individual offers. You will receive a written booking confirmation from us including further information about the handling agent in the USA. As we do offer different methods of transport, such as roll on / roll off shipments or container loadings, we work with several agents in the USA. Our agent for the region will contact the seller or the auction facility and set up a date for the pickup and the handover of the original title and documents.

We collect cars from private homes as well as from auctions like Copart, Mannheim or others at any location in the USA. However, of course we accept self-delivery to our warehouses. At the time of pick up the driver will make photos of the vehicle and issue a condition report same like car rental companies use. This will be signed by the seller.

Cars are always collected by experienced special car trucks or trailers and cars are never driven, unless it is necessary to move the car to / from the truck or warehouse. Those trucks are open air; however enclosed transports are available upon request. Enclosed trucks are recommendable for valuable classic cars or when severe weather conditions are expected.

The cars will be transported to the port of loading when booked roll on/roll off or to the warehouse when we load in containers. At any interface, when received by the warehouse crew, when loaded or discharged, photos and condition reports are made. Roll on/roll off departures to the Middle East are once or twice monthly from several ports in the USA, New York, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Galveston and San Diego in California on the US West Coast. motorcycle shipping usa dubai | USA - DUBAIThose ro/ro transports are not possible for salvage cars and not recommendable for valued vehicles or classic cars at all.

Our own shared car containers are loaded in New York, Jacksonville, Houston and Los Angeles with highest care. The transit time by sea is between 6 and 8 weeks from port to port. For time sensitive car transports we do offer airfreight of vehicles from the USA to Dubai as well.

Please allow some days to arrange the export clearance which is always included in our service. US Customs demand to see the original title which is obligatory. Without original title we can't export any car. Accepted are original "Certificate of title", "Salvage Certificate", "Non Repairable Certificate" or "Manufacturers Certificate of Origin".

We are taking care of this procedure. Please just assure to purchase cars with original title only. Once the cars are loaded and shipped, all the required documents are sent to our destination office/agent and they keep in contact with the consignee from the first information when the receive and keep informed consignees the arrival date/clearance time/procedure, documents required etc. sometime, the shipment is on door to door basis and/or on door to port basis. In door to port shipments, we give our clearing charges to the consignee well in advance, and collect required documents also well in advance. Once shipment arrives at destination seaport, the container is shifted to our warehouse after doing the required documentation with port authorities.

We take photographs of the container, match the container number and seal number before opening the container. When all okay, we open the container and take photograph of loaded container and individual car/s before starting offloading process. Then cars are offloaded and checked/tallied with condition report issued from the origin.

car shipping | USA - DUBAI We do the further formalities with port & customs department such as paying charges, getting import certificate issued and keep the cars ready to be collected. In the meantime, we are in constant touch with the consignee for requirements such as duty amount, documents etc... once all is done, we do inform the consignee about the delivery schedule and arrange delivery accordingly.

We also provide car registration with traffic department, insurance, repair, maintenance, storage etc. as per customer's requirement. Further, we also have facility for escrow account, inspection services, car locator etc, for which we can provide further information/charges upon request.

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